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Something Good Studio provides a customised design service for special projects.
View some of the projects we’ve tackled to date below. 


We work with various textile manufacturers in South Africa in creation of our textile pieces. We make use of our relationships and knowledge acquired over time to tackle new projects in the most professional and efficient manner.


Kindly note minimum order quantities will apply to custom projects.

Minimum order quantities are applicable to all aspects of the supply chain; from sourcing raw materials to dyeing and manufacturing. 

Please take note of the following minimum order quantities required to qualify for customised designs;

Towels – 50 units per design / per colour 

Throws – 50 units per design / per colour

Blankets – 50 units per design / per colour

Wraps – 50 units per design / per colour

Rugs – One-of-a-kind designs can be done 

Timelines by product type differ.

Please reach out if you would like to receive our Custom Work Manual for more information.

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